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There are 2 steps to order Luqo. First, you tell us about your serieus intention to order Luqo via the Kickstarter. Make you commitment known via the form on the right. Commitments are very important for us to be able to make a good estimate of our Kickstarter campaign. As soon as we have 100 commitments, the Kickstarter campaign will go live and you can place your order.

After your commitment, we will keep you informed of developments and of course email you as soon as the Kickstarter goes live. We will explain by email how the ordering process works.

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    Get Luqo in 3 steps

    Via Kickstarter


    Yes, I want Luqo!

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    When we have 100 pledges, the Kickstarter will go live and you can actually order. You will hear when this is by e-mail.


    Order via Kickstarter

    Place your order immediately at the launch. Then you not only get an early bird discount, but you also help us become visible on Kickstarter.