Luqo Home On Kickstarter

We offer different packages for the Kickstarter campaign.

The basic package suits every family. It consists of a set of Luqo Home Buttons (2 buttons) and 1 Game Superpack of your choice. The basic package costs € 109. Do you want more games? Then choose a package with more Games Superpacks.

We also offer packs with more buttons. You can choose this if you want to give Luqo as a present, or so that several parents can help a child with schoolwork at the same time.

What is a Game Superpack?

A Games Superpack is a collection of at least 10 games, grouped by subject and level (for example Numeracy for age 9 – 12).

Why don’t I have to choose which games I want now?

For the commitment, you only need to indicate that you will place an order at our Kickstarter.

What does Luqo Home cost?

What games are there?

Games Superpacks have been grouped into a theme and level especially for the Kickstarter campaign. There are at least 10 games in a Games Superpack. After the Kickstarter campaign, games are sold per game.

  • Preschoolers
  • Numeracy – age 6 -8
  • Numeracy – age 9 – 12
  • Dutch – age 6 -8
  • Dutch – age 9 – 12
  • English – age 6 -8
  • English – age 9 – 12
  • Computational Thinking – age 6 -8
  • Computational Thinking – age 9 – 12
  • Conversation / Social Games

We are a tutoring institute, is Luqo Home made for us?

Absolutely! Luqo Home refers to games for two players: for example a child and a tutor. Specially for companies we have the Professional package: 5 sets of Luqo buttons + 2 Games Superpacks or 8 Games Superpacks.

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