Finally a way to combine teaching material and social development!

Luqo: learning together is really fun

Learning together and playing together

Because learning together is really fun

Luqo is a set digital games and physical buttons . It is specially made for primary education, so that children can play together and learning together . No longer individually sucked into a tablet, but involved and motivated discovering the teaching material together.


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Why schools use Luqo

the benefits of Luqo

Easy and quick to deploy in the classroom

Children have fun and help each other

Social Emotional skills and the learning path in one

EdTech is innovative and meets today’s needs

Why children love to play Luqo

the benefits of Luqo

There is room to discover and make mistakes

It strengthens the bond with classmates

Self-confidence grows, because the role in the game changes

Fun games that give energy

Benefits of learning together

We believe that learning together is the key to success. Learning and talking about the subject matter together leads to better understanding and higher learning efficiency. Learning is great, because you share both difficult issues and successes together. In addition, the students who learn together develop 21 e century skills and self-knowledge. So that they grow up as a strong person and happy person.

Luqo games are better

Are there already apps?

Many educational apps focus on the individual development of a child. This only ensures that children disappear in isolation behind a screen or book. At Luqo, playing and learning is something you do together. So also laughing, jumping and high fives together while learning!

Schools are Luqo fans!

“Kinderen die in het begin wat minder voor hun mening durven uit te komen, gaan na een tijdje ook echt het gesprek aan. Mooi is dat!”

Franka van Deursen, Innovatiecoach
Ontdeklab Prodas21

“Samen met het onderwijsveld ontwikkelt Luqo aanbod, passend bij de vraag van de leerkracht en het kind.”

Kim Jaspers, Adviseur Innovatieteam
QliQ primair onderwijs

“Luqo in de klas is zeker een goede toevoeging!”

Bas Abbink, leerkracht groep 8 & ICT-Coördinator
IKC Magenta

“Het is gemakkelijk op te bouwen, in te zetten in en buiten de klas. Plug & play, geen internet nodig. Daar wordt je als juf of meester toch blij van!”

Kim Jaspers, Adviseur Innovatieteam
QliQ primair onderwijs

What games are there?

For each group and build a Luqo game.

There are games for every subject and for every group. By consulting carefully and determining together who presses the button and when, children get further into the game. The games connect to the learning curve and provide action, fun and social contact during learning.

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